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Facitisu Tracksuit for Women Set 2 Piece Joggers Velour Jogging


Facitisu Tracksuit for Women Set 2 Piece Joggers Velour Jogging

Product Description

Facitisu is an international and professional online fashion retailer,At the Facitisu we embrace variety in fashion and aim to meet the continually evolving style needs of our customers. From urban to classic, timeless to trendy, and workday to weekend, we recognize the necessities in a wardrobe and seek to always provide you with on-trend, transitional styles that are readily. Therefore, I would like to recommend Facitisu to every customer: choose a professional, excellent and thoughtful quality.

womens sweatsuits buyers show

Occasion: Beach/ Street/ Travel/ Vocation/ Gym/ Sports/ Casual/ Work/ Date/ Party / Everyday Wear

Lightweight sweatsuit, perfect for spring and autumn, winter warm, as well as late summer nights.

Please choose a size up if you prefer loose fit

  • S: Chest: 101.6cm/40"-- Sleeve: 61cm/24"--Top Length: 59.7cm/23.5"-- Bottom: 86.4cm/34"-- Waist: 73.7cm/29"-- Pan length: 100.8cm/39.7"
  • M: Chest:106.7cm/42"-- Sleeve: 62.2cm/24.5"-- Length: 62.2cm/24.5"-- Bottom: 91.4cm/36"-- Waist: 78.7cm/31"-- Pan length: 101.6cmcm/40"
  • L: Chest: 111.8cm/44"--Sleeve: 63.2cm/25"--Top Length: 64.8cm/25.5"-- Bottom: 96.5cm/38"-- Waist: 83.8cm/33"-- Pan length: 103.4cmcm/40.7"
  • XL: Chest: 116.8cm/46"-- Sleeve: 64.2cm/25.5"--Top Length: 67.3cm/26.5"-- Bottom: 101.6cm/40"-- Waist: 88.9cm/35"-- Pan length: 104.9cm/41.3"
  • 2X: Chest: 124.9cm/48"-- Sleeve: 66cm/26"--Top Length: 69.9cm/27.5"-- Bottom: 106.7cm/42"-- Waist: 94cm/37"-- Pan length: 105.9cm/41.7"
  • 3X: Chest: 127cm/50"-- Sleeve: 67.36cm/26.5"--Top Length: 72.4cm/28.5"-- Bottom: 111.8cm/44"-- Waist: 99.1cm/39"-- Pan length: 107.4cm/42.3"

Facitisu Tracksuit for Women Set 2 Piece Joggers Velour Jogging

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