900-0100,Compressor,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,arrobadeportes.com,/alehoof1111841.html,Ring,Piston,$40,4.010",ARP $40 ARP 900-0100 Piston Ring Compressor, 4.010" Automotive Replacement Parts $40 ARP 900-0100 Piston Ring Compressor, 4.010" Automotive Replacement Parts ARP 900-0100 Piston 4.010" Ring Compressor mart 900-0100,Compressor,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,arrobadeportes.com,/alehoof1111841.html,Ring,Piston,$40,4.010",ARP ARP 900-0100 Piston 4.010" Ring Compressor mart

ARP 900-0100 Piston 4.010

ARP 900-0100 Piston Ring Compressor, 4.010"


ARP 900-0100 Piston Ring Compressor, 4.010"

Product description

ARP's new ring compressors are CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet tube material and feature a true radius for each different bore diameter. What's more, they are relieved for wire O-rings on bottom. Type 3 anodizing is used for long life, and the bore size is prominently engraved in 3/4 high numbers for easy identification. Standard stocking sizes from 3.552 to 4.750 (SAE) and 75mm to 95.5mm (metric). The true radius design is far superior to conventional tapered devices, and widely acclaimed by professional engine builders This is truly the very best piston ring compressor on the market today. Ring Compressor Size 4.010in

ARP 900-0100 Piston Ring Compressor, 4.010"

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