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New York Mall Majestic Pet Chocolate Vertical Small Rectangle Bed Wholesale Stripe

Majestic Pet Chocolate Vertical Stripe Rectangle Pet Bed, Small


Majestic Pet Chocolate Vertical Stripe Rectangle Pet Bed, Small

Product description

You might find yourself wrestling your dog for their bed when your furry friend gets their paws on this lavish dog bed. The Majestic Pet Chocolate Vertical Strip Small Rectangle Pet Bed is filled with a generous portion of super plush polyester fiberfill for unbeatable comfort. The removable zippered slipcovers are woven from durable Outdoor Treated polyester with up to 1000 hours of U.V. protection enabling it to withstand nature's elements. The bottom of the bed is a base of heavy duty waterproof 300/600 Denier fabric. The machine washable slip cover can be tossed in the washer on machine wash warm, then tumble dry on low for easy cleaning.

Majestic Pet Chocolate Vertical Stripe Rectangle Pet Bed, Small

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