Kellogg's Portable Cereal Variety Pack Assorted 67% OFF of fixed price Fami 9 - Flavors /colipyelitis632145.html,Fami,Flavors,Cereal,Assorted,,Kellogg's,-,Portable,Variety,Pack,9,$67,Grocery Gourmet Food , Breakfast Foods $67 Kellogg's Portable Cereal Variety Pack - 9 Assorted Flavors Fami Grocery Gourmet Food Breakfast Foods $67 Kellogg's Portable Cereal Variety Pack - 9 Assorted Flavors Fami Grocery Gourmet Food Breakfast Foods Kellogg's Portable Cereal Variety Pack Assorted 67% OFF of fixed price Fami 9 - Flavors /colipyelitis632145.html,Fami,Flavors,Cereal,Assorted,,Kellogg's,-,Portable,Variety,Pack,9,$67,Grocery Gourmet Food , Breakfast Foods

Kellogg's Portable Cereal Variety Pack Assorted 67% OFF of fixed price Fami Super Special SALE held 9 - Flavors

Kellogg's Portable Cereal Variety Pack - 9 Assorted Flavors Fami


Kellogg's Portable Cereal Variety Pack - 9 Assorted Flavors Fami

Product description

Product Description

Serve everyone's favorite breakfast with the Kellogg's Cereal Variety Pack. A sweet, crispy, crunchy way to start your day, Kellogg’s Cereals make for a delicious cold breakfast any morning of the week. Coming with 96 single-serving bowls and a variety that includes Kellogg's Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Raisin Bran Crunch, and Cocoa Krispies you can keep everyone's choice on hand. This large variety pack is also great for parties, family gatherings, and buffet spreads. The single-serving bowls provide an easy solution to eating breakfast on the go.

Kellogg's Cereal Favorites Variety Pack

Serve everyone's favorite breakfast with the Kellogg's Cereal Variety Pack. Coming with 96 single-serving bowls and a variety that includes Kellogg's Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran Crunch, and Cocoa Krispies you can keep everyone's choice on hand. This large variety pack is also great for parties, family get together, and buffet spreads. The single serving bowls provide an easy solution to eating breakfast on the go.

The Benefits of Breakfast: A Healthy Way to Begin the Day

Starting the day with a balanced, great-tasting breakfast can put you on the fast track to good nutrition and better overall health. While many kids and adults forget this important first meal, research has shown that sitting down for a nutritious breakfast can decrease the risk of obesity, heart disease, and other nutritionally related conditions in kids and adults. Kids who eat breakfast:

  • Are more alert in school, with better concentration, memory and grades
  • Get more fiber, calcium, vitamins A and C, riboflavin, zinc, and iron to help build stronger bodies
  • Have more energy to pursue healthy and active lifestyles
Cereal’s Role in a Nutritious Breakfast

Coming ready to eat out of the box without extra mess and cooking, cereal is a cornerstone of the busy American family's diet. Kellogg's fortified cereals offer a low-fat, nutrient-dense, cholesterol-free food that encourages breakfast consumption. Studies have found that children who consume breakfast cereal have a higher intake of essential vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, and B and D vitamins. Beyond the nutrients in the cereal itself, a serving of cereal is an excellent centerpiece for a balanced breakfast that includes fruit and milk. Children and adults alike enjoy the variety, flavors, and textures of cereal. Families benefit from the opportunity to sit down and eat as a family with a convenient, easy-to-serve food.

About Kellogg

Kellogg Company is a leading producer of cereal and convenience foods--a company you can rely on for great-tasting, high quality foods. Kellogg was founded in 1906, in Battle Creek, Michigan. For more than 100 years, innovation and their commitment to being the best has guided the company. From being the first company to offer premiums in cereal boxes to being the first to fortify the cereals, Kellogg has historically been a leader in industry, innovation, and marketing.

The founder, W.K. Kellogg, had a strong commitment to nutrition, health, and quality. His vision continues to drive improvement in the products and processes, with the goal of providing great-tasting, nutritious products that meet the most rigorous quality standards.

With more than 100 ready-to-eat cereals around the world, consumers count on Kellogg for great-tasting, convenient, and affordable choices that meet their nutrition needs.

Kellogg's Portable Cereal Variety Pack - 9 Assorted Flavors Fami

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Grancy - User contributed Grancy's Origin as TAYA JI - 14 minutes ago
Grancy - User contributed Grancy's Origin as SARDAR - 14 minutes ago
Hyzin - User contributed Hyzin's Origin as Arabic - 16 minutes ago
Hyzin - User contributed Hyzin's Origin as Arabic - 16 minutes ago
Rebener - User contributed Rebener's Meaning as Sandra - 29 minutes ago
Rebener - User contributed Rebener's Meaning as Sandra - 30 minutes ago
Tereni - User contributed Tereni's Pronunciation as Ter-ren-e - 34 minutes ago
Tereni - User contributed Tereni's Pronunciation as Ter-ren-e - 35 minutes ago

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