Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,blade,/cornaceous1112928.html,garden,1760,Berger,hand,$26,shear,with,bypass,chrome-plated,sh, $26 Berger hand shear bypass 1760 with chrome-plated blade garden sh Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,blade,/cornaceous1112928.html,garden,1760,Berger,hand,$26,shear,with,bypass,chrome-plated,sh, $26 Berger hand shear bypass 1760 with chrome-plated blade garden sh Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Berger hand shear bypass Ranking TOP5 1760 chrome-plated with garden sh blade Berger hand shear bypass Ranking TOP5 1760 chrome-plated with garden sh blade

Berger hand shear bypass Ranking TOP5 1760 Bargain chrome-plated with garden sh blade

Berger hand shear bypass 1760 with chrome-plated blade garden sh


Berger hand shear bypass 1760 with chrome-plated blade garden sh

Product description

Pruning hand Shear, forged metal body, chromium-plated cutting head, SAP Groove, ergonomic ally designed handle

From the manufacturer

Berger Hand Shear Berger Hand Shear Berger Hand Shear Berger Hand Shear Berger Hand Shear Berger Hand Shear
Hand shear aluminum Hand shear aluminum small Hand shear aluminum Hand shear bypass classic Anvil hand shear Hand shear 1766
Special features Hand shear made of forged aluminum with exchangeable blade Hand shear with forged sap groove Hand shear with integrated damper Hand shear with forged metal body Hand shear with anti-stick coating Hand shear with 2-component handle
Cutting diameter 2.5 cm 2.5 cm 2.5 cm 2.5 cm 1.5 cm 2.5 cm
Wire cutting notch
Berger ArboRapid Berger Saw Berger Lopping Shear Berger Hedge Shear Berger Grass Shear Berger Tree Saw
ArboRapid Set Pruning Saw Lopping Shear Hedge Shear Grass Shear Tree Saw
Special features Telescopic pole with pole saw Lopping shear made of hard chrome carbon steel Lopping shear for cutting diameters up to 2 inch Hedge shear with matt chrome-plated serrated blades, 9.4 in blade length Full metal grass shear with anti-stick coated blades Tree saw with beech wood handle and rapid tensioning lever
Exchangeable blade / saw x x
Made in Germany x

Berger hand shear bypass 1760 with chrome-plated blade garden sh

Saturday, September 25, 2021
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