Tools4Boards Switch 0 Year-end gift Degree + Scrap 7 Sidewall Trimmer Tools4Boards Switch 0 Year-end gift Degree + Scrap 7 Sidewall Trimmer $42 Tools4Boards Switch 0 Degree + 7 Degree Sidewall Trimmer Scrap Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $42,Degree,Sidewall,Tools4Boards,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Trimmer,Scrap,Switch,Degree,7,+,,/dalton1111367.html $42,Degree,Sidewall,Tools4Boards,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Trimmer,Scrap,Switch,Degree,7,+,,/dalton1111367.html $42 Tools4Boards Switch 0 Degree + 7 Degree Sidewall Trimmer Scrap Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Tools4Boards Switch 0 Year-end Dealing full price reduction gift Degree + Scrap 7 Sidewall Trimmer

Tools4Boards Switch 0 Degree + 7 Degree Sidewall Trimmer Scrap


Tools4Boards Switch 0 Degree + 7 Degree Sidewall Trimmer Scrap

Product description

The sidewall tool and scraper sharpener, reimagined. No longer any need to use expensive carbide cutters that tear away too much sidewall compromising structural integrity or chatter down the length of your ski or snowboard edge causing impossible to remove "washboard". Safely take down the sidewall simply by placing the coarse side of a Tools4Boards Combi-Cut or panzer file on the outwardly facing 7 Degree surface of the angle bar and draw the tool down the sidewall using light pressure. Multiple file teeth in contact with the sidewall prevent the file blade from digging in and remove just enough sidewall to expose more of the metal edge for filing. Minimizing sidewall removal maintains necessary support for the metal edge and greatly extends ski or snowboard life. To switch from sidewall trimmer to plexi scraper sharpener, simply detach angle bar from wear plate, rotate 180 then re-attach so the 0 Degree surface is outwardly facing. Place a sheet of 180 grit sandpaper on a flat surface underneath wear plate and slide plexi scraper back and forth using 0 Degree surface as a fence.

Tools4Boards Switch 0 Degree + 7 Degree Sidewall Trimmer Scrap

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