I4B0078T019R,Hanita,/diffractiveness1112259.html,I4B,$23,WIDIA,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,arrobadeportes.com,Rough/Finish,End,GP,Mill,,VariMill $23 WIDIA Hanita I4B0078T019R VariMill I4B GP Rough/Finish End Mill, Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools WIDIA Hanita I4B0078T019R VariMill I4B OFFicial store End Rough Mill Finish GP I4B0078T019R,Hanita,/diffractiveness1112259.html,I4B,$23,WIDIA,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,arrobadeportes.com,Rough/Finish,End,GP,Mill,,VariMill $23 WIDIA Hanita I4B0078T019R VariMill I4B GP Rough/Finish End Mill, Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools WIDIA Hanita I4B0078T019R VariMill I4B OFFicial store End Rough Mill Finish GP

WIDIA Hanita I4B0078T019R VariMill I4B OFFicial store End Rough Mill In a popularity Finish GP

WIDIA Hanita I4B0078T019R VariMill I4B GP Rough/Finish End Mill,


WIDIA Hanita I4B0078T019R VariMill I4B GP Rough/Finish End Mill,

Product description

Size:13/32" Dia

WIDIA Hanita I4B0078T019R VariMill I4B GP Rough/Finish End Mill,

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