,Shift,$60,MMSK-BMXBKWH,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Grip,Knob,,Mishimoto,/diffractiveness741259.html,White/Black Mishimoto MMSK-BMXBKWH Grip Max 85% OFF Shift White Knob Black Mishimoto MMSK-BMXBKWH Grip Max 85% OFF Shift White Knob Black $60 Mishimoto MMSK-BMXBKWH Grip Shift Knob, White/Black Automotive Replacement Parts,Shift,$60,MMSK-BMXBKWH,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Grip,Knob,,Mishimoto,/diffractiveness741259.html,White/Black $60 Mishimoto MMSK-BMXBKWH Grip Shift Knob, White/Black Automotive Replacement Parts

Mishimoto MMSK-BMXBKWH Grip Max 85% OFF Shift White Free shipping / New Knob Black

Mishimoto MMSK-BMXBKWH Grip Shift Knob, White/Black


Mishimoto MMSK-BMXBKWH Grip Shift Knob, White/Black

From the manufacturer

3D Printed Prototype

Like many of our products, this shift knob started out in solid works and a 3D printed prototype.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Hmm. That looks similar to a bike or motorcycle grip,” you are correct. The designer of this knob is an avid mountain biker, so his preference for this grip style is no surprise!

mishimoto universal weighted gear shift knob

mishimoto universal gear shift knob

Mishimoto MMSK-BMXBKWH Grip Shift Knob, White/Black

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