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Kid of Darkness Demolisher Mask Slaughter To Prevail Mask Demon


Kid of Darkness Demolisher Mask Slaughter To Prevail Mask Demon

Product Description

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Demon Mask(light) Demon Mask(light) Demon Mask(light) Demon Mask(light) Demon Mask(light)
Color White Black Red Gold Beige
Glowing modes 3 kinds 3 kinds 3 kinds 3 kinds 3 kinds
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Demon Mask(cold light) Demon Mask(cold light) Demon Mask(cold light) Demon Mask(cold light) Demon Mask(cold light)
Color White Black Red Gold Beige
Glowing modes 3 kinds 3 kinds 3 kinds 3 kinds 3 kinds

Kid of Darkness Demolisher Mask Slaughter To Prevail Mask Demon

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