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Personalized Baby Photo Newborn New discount life Blanket Birth Information f with

Personalized Baby Photo Newborn Blanket with Birth Information f


Personalized Baby Photo Newborn Blanket with Birth Information f

Product description


Personalized Baby Photo Newborn Blanket with Birth Information for Girls and Boys. Customized Name Blanket from Baby's Name, BirthDate, Weight, Length. Gift for New Born Baby, New Dad Mom Grandma. Gift for Birthday, New Dad, New Mom, New Grandma, New Grandpa, Christmas, Thanksgiving.

How to order?

Step 1: Click to "Customize Now" button.

Step 2: Input All information as: Baby's photo, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Birthdate, Birth Year, Time Born, Weight in Pounds, Weight in Ounces, Length, City, State.

Step 3: Add to cart and place order.

You want: A great way to commemorate special events and priceless moments such as New baby coming.

You need: A personalized custom blankets super soft. This Throw Blanket is an all season must-have. The blanket will be custom printed with a choice of color option. Using the latest in printing and production technology.

Size Baby: 30x40 inches for baby and little Boys or Girls. A Personalized Baby Blanket can be the Most Thoughtful New Baby Gifts to Celebrate a Newborn, New Dad, New Mom, Shower, Christening or other special occasion. This baby blanket is made from durable, premium fabric, machine washable and tumble dry low. The color will not fade even after many washes.

You desire: FAST DELIVERY. Your customized gift will be prepared in USA and quickly shipped.

You get: Everything you want, need and desire with this personalized name baby blankets with your customized baby birth information such as name, weight, length, photo...

100% Satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

If you have any question, just click on the "Contact Seller" button

or leave your question into "Customer Questions amp; Answers".

Personalized Baby Photo Newborn Blanket with Birth Information f

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