DL-20-SB,arrobadeportes.com,DrainLock,$23,2",for,with,Pipes,/hemichordate1112476.html,Assembly,Bolt,(1),Tools Home Improvement , Rough Plumbing,Security $23 DL-20-SB DrainLock Assembly with Security Bolt for 2" Pipes (1) Tools Home Improvement Rough Plumbing DL-20-SB DrainLock Assembly with Security 1 safety Bolt 2" for Pipes $23 DL-20-SB DrainLock Assembly with Security Bolt for 2" Pipes (1) Tools Home Improvement Rough Plumbing DL-20-SB DrainLock Assembly with Security 1 safety Bolt 2" for Pipes DL-20-SB,arrobadeportes.com,DrainLock,$23,2",for,with,Pipes,/hemichordate1112476.html,Assembly,Bolt,(1),Tools Home Improvement , Rough Plumbing,Security

DL-20-SB DrainLock Assembly with Security 1 safety Bolt 2

DL-20-SB DrainLock Assembly with Security Bolt for 2" Pipes (1)


DL-20-SB DrainLock Assembly with Security Bolt for 2" Pipes (1)

Product description

Item Package Quantity:1

Plastek DrainLock products offer you a tamper-proof solution to protect foreign objects and debris from entering your drain lines through your floor sinks and area drains. Our patented DrainLock product is a single self-contained product which easily and quickly installs into commercial floor sinks and other drain openings then securely locks into place with a hex head bolt Designed with the restaurant industry in mind, our Plastek DrainLock products have successfully protected drain lines in Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Parks and Prisons throughout the Country Careless employees can no longer remove the secured strainer assembly and allow food and other debris from entering your drain lines causing expensive clogs. Manufactured in California, USA from super high impact polymers able to withstand cleaning chemicals and hot fluids such as oil and grease as high as 250 °F Plastek DrainLock models are available to fit drain opening sizes of 2”, 3” or 4” and, are available with or without domes

DL-20-SB DrainLock Assembly with Security Bolt for 2" Pipes (1)

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