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Recommended Lacoste Men's Short Sleeve Regular Button Fit Linen All stores are sold Down Shirt

Lacoste Men's Short Sleeve Regular Fit Linen Button Down Shirt


Lacoste Men's Short Sleeve Regular Fit Linen Button Down Shirt

Product description

This timeless and always-stylish woven shirt in solid linen takes you from a relaxed day at work, to a laidback evening indoors or out and about. Short sleeves keep it cool and casual.

From the manufacturer

Wear the polo on the outside. Share Lacoste values on the inside#crocodileinside

Lacoste clothes set your spirit - and your movements - free: cool and creative, they assert effortless elegance. Fabrics are packable, essentials are chic and bright prints are ready to play. And tennis inspiration is redefined not just for this summer, but for those to come too. #Lacoste

Lacoste was born with a simple action. In 1933, tennis champion Rene Lacoste cut the sleeves off his shirt to gain ease of movement on the court. The polo came into being, the crocodile too. Behind the simplicity of the gesture is innovation. Ever since, Lacoste reinvents itself with easy collection. Between technical performance, minimal style and french elegance: silhouettes in perfect balance.

Lacoste Men's Short Sleeve Regular Fit Linen Button Down Shirt

Out Now: MONO - "Pilgrimage of the Soul"

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