YOUSA Mermaid Blanket Sea Animal Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ Ocean K Landscape Throw YOUSA Mermaid Blanket Sea Animal Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ Ocean K Landscape Throw $27 YOUSA Mermaid Blanket Sea Animal Ocean Landscape Throw Blanket K Home Kitchen Bedding Blanket,Animal,Landscape,Blanket,Ocean,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Throw,K,$27,Mermaid,,YOUSA,/Chilognatha1300963.html,Sea $27 YOUSA Mermaid Blanket Sea Animal Ocean Landscape Throw Blanket K Home Kitchen Bedding Blanket,Animal,Landscape,Blanket,Ocean,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Throw,K,$27,Mermaid,,YOUSA,/Chilognatha1300963.html,Sea

YOUSA Mermaid Blanket Sea Animal Challenge the lowest Great interest price of Japan ☆ Ocean K Landscape Throw

YOUSA Mermaid Blanket Sea Animal Ocean Landscape Throw Blanket K


YOUSA Mermaid Blanket Sea Animal Ocean Landscape Throw Blanket K

Product description


Who moved the mermaid's tail? Who pulled the octopus's claws? An undying knitted throw blanket can make the whole room lively. The sea animals are combined with the blanket, soft and comfortable, can satisfy your childlike innocence.

1.Three layers blanket, soft and comfortable, environmental-friendly.
2.Package includes: 1 x piece blanket.

Washing Note:
Suggest soak for 3-5 minutes in the little salted water, then rinse clean with clear water, do not use detergent containing bleaching ingredients, and don't soak in the washing powder, lest cause discoloration.

Natural and healthy printing and dyeing technique,safety in use! Cute design, you and your family must like it.

Our concept: Color changes our life. We infuse the design concept of nature and abstract art into our products and provide high-class service and exquisite craft to our clients.

YOUSA Mermaid Blanket Sea Animal Ocean Landscape Throw Blanket K

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