$41,Uriah,Long,Cycling,Black,/Marcellianism1198766.html,Re,Jersey,Sets,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Sleeve,Bib,Women's,Pants,arrobadeportes.com Uriah Women's Cycling Jersey Bib Pants Long Re Black Rapid rise Sleeve Sets Uriah Women's Cycling Jersey Bib Pants Long Re Black Rapid rise Sleeve Sets $41 Uriah Women's Cycling Jersey Bib Pants Black Sets Long Sleeve Re Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $41,Uriah,Long,Cycling,Black,/Marcellianism1198766.html,Re,Jersey,Sets,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Sleeve,Bib,Women's,Pants,arrobadeportes.com $41 Uriah Women's Cycling Jersey Bib Pants Black Sets Long Sleeve Re Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Uriah Women's Cycling Jersey Bib Pants Long Re Black Rapid rise Sleeve Sets Max 50% OFF

Uriah Women's Cycling Jersey Bib Pants Black Sets Long Sleeve Re


Uriah Women's Cycling Jersey Bib Pants Black Sets Long Sleeve Re

Product description

Made of polyester and lycra fabric which has strong moisture wicking ability and good elastic function. 3D structure and innovative design increase the evaporation of sweat and cooling area which can create a ideal air layer. Believe it or not, Uriah cycling sets will be a must have for your cycling journey.

Size Tips:

1.Size Tag S = Chest 33.8'', Height 5'3''-5'5'', Weight 110-121 Lb;
2.Size Tag M = Chest 36.2'', Height 5'5''-5'7'', Weight 121-143 Lb;
3.Size Tag L = Chest 38.5'', Height 5'7''-5'9'', Weight 143-154 Lb;
4.Size Tag XL = Chest 40.9'', Height 5'9''-5'11'', Weight 154-165 Lb;
5.Size Tag XXL = Chest 43.3'', Height 5'11''-6'1'', Weight 165-176 Lb;
6.Size Tag XXXL = Chest 45.6'', Height 6'1''-6'3'', Weight 176-187 Lb;

Kindly Notes:

1.Sizes belong to manual measurement and they are measured in flat-laid position, hand measurement will have discrepancy of 2-3CM;
2.This is not standard US Size Please view the size chart image or contact us before taking your order;
3.You can mix up the size of jersey and pants. If you have any other concerns about the product, please feel free to contact our Uriah Customer Service and we will try our best to help you.

Package Includes:
1 x Cycling Jersey Long Sleeve
1 x 3D Gel Padded Bib Pants

Uriah Women's Cycling Jersey Bib Pants Black Sets Long Sleeve Re


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