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Helix 10cm 360 Degree latest Cheap Protractor Box 50 of

Helix 10cm 360 Degree Protractor (Box of 50)


Helix 10cm 360 Degree Protractor (Box of 50)

Product description

Product Description

Ideal for the pencil case. Helix was founded 130 years ago in the Midlands, England with a view to offer customers high quality, sturdy and durable stationery to use every day in school, at home or in work. Today Helix product range may have grown from where it all started 130 years ago but Helix still has the love and passion for stationery that it always had, as well as the desire to offer people the best of British design and function in their everyday stationery use.

Set Contains:

Protractor (Pack of 50)

Helix 10cm 360 Degree Protractor (Box of 50)

Scientific literature – Longevity

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