Ice,Black/Pink,,W,/cryptoneurous1300802.html,250,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Rollerblade,Spark,,Women's,Skates,,$67 $67 Rollerblade Women's Spark W Ice Skates, Black/Pink, 250 Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Rollerblade Women's Spark W Ice Black Pink Skates Max 55% OFF 250 $67 Rollerblade Women's Spark W Ice Skates, Black/Pink, 250 Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Ice,Black/Pink,,W,/cryptoneurous1300802.html,250,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Rollerblade,Spark,,Women's,Skates,,$67 Rollerblade Women's Spark W Ice Black Pink Skates Max 55% OFF 250

Rollerblade Women's Spark W Ice Black Pink Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Skates Max 55% OFF 250

Rollerblade Women's Spark W Ice Skates, Black/Pink, 250


Rollerblade Women's Spark W Ice Skates, Black/Pink, 250

Product description

Spark W is an excellent all-round ice skate for leisure use. Unlike ice hockey or figure skates that usually require a "shrinkage phase" - to make the shaft softer and they get a more comfortable fit - the Spark W immediately makes a lot of fun on the ice and offers great comfort, directly "out of the box". It gives you good confidence thanks to the firm side hold and convinces immediately with its harmonious flex and good performance, regardless of your performance level. The Spark W is for those who are familiar with the fit of an inline skate or ski boot and don't want to have ice hockey or figure skates. The comfortable, velvety inner lining and footbed keep your feet warm. A perfect ice skate for those who just want to skate. Most skates come with a "factory sharpened blade" to ensure safety during transport. For an optimal grip on the ice, we recommend having the blades and prongs sanded before the first use.

Rollerblade Women's Spark W Ice Skates, Black/Pink, 250

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