Blake Purely Everyday 195 x mm Gummed Wallet GSM Square Selling 100 $53 Blake Purely Everyday 195 x 195 mm 100 GSM Square Wallet Gummed Office Products Office School Supplies Blake Purely Everyday 195 x mm Gummed Wallet GSM Square Selling 100 $53 Blake Purely Everyday 195 x 195 mm 100 GSM Square Wallet Gummed Office Products Office School Supplies mm,Square,Everyday,Gummed,$53,195,Wallet,Blake,x,100,195,/downstate1300719.html,Office Products , Office School Supplies,,Purely,GSM mm,Square,Everyday,Gummed,$53,195,Wallet,Blake,x,100,195,/downstate1300719.html,Office Products , Office School Supplies,,Purely,GSM

Blake Purely Everyday 195 x mm Gummed All stores are sold Wallet GSM Square Selling 100

Blake Purely Everyday 195 x 195 mm 100 GSM Square Wallet Gummed


Blake Purely Everyday 195 x 195 mm 100 GSM Square Wallet Gummed

Product description

Size:195 x 195 mm

Product Description

Enhance your mailings with these Purely Everyday square envelopes by Blake! Available in a large range of sizes making them perfect for announcements, invitations, greetings cards and so much more. Made from 100% recyclable paper.

Set Contains:

500 x Square Wallet Gummed White 100gsm 195x195mm

Blake Purely Everyday 195 x 195 mm 100 GSM Square Wallet Gummed

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