$56 Sixstarhair Afro Kinky Coily Curly Clip In Hair Extensions 20inc Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Afro,In,Extensions,Hair,Clip,arrobadeportes.com,Kinky,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,/madefy1300632.html,Curly,Coily,$56,Sixstarhair,20inc Afro,In,Extensions,Hair,Clip,arrobadeportes.com,Kinky,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,/madefy1300632.html,Curly,Coily,$56,Sixstarhair,20inc $56 Sixstarhair Afro Kinky Coily Curly Clip In Hair Extensions 20inc Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Sixstarhair Afro Kinky Coily Curly Extensions Clip In Hair 20inc Our shop OFFers the best service Sixstarhair Afro Kinky Coily Curly Extensions Clip In Hair 20inc Our shop OFFers the best service

Sixstarhair Afro Kinky Coily Curly Extensions Clip In Hair 20inc Our shop OFFers the Max 87% OFF best service

Sixstarhair Afro Kinky Coily Curly Clip In Hair Extensions 20inc


Sixstarhair Afro Kinky Coily Curly Clip In Hair Extensions 20inc

Product Description

clip in hair extensions
clip in hair


  • Q: How many packs do I need for full head?
  • A: 1-2 packs are suggested if you order 10”-16”. 2-3 packs would be better if you want 18”-22”. Add one more pack if you want a super super thick look.
  • Q: Can I straighten or curl the hair extensions?
  • A: Yes. Since this is 100% human hair. It’s good to flat iron and curl. Want a straight look occasionally? Just straighten as the way you want.
  • Q: Can I dye the hair?
  • A: Yes. Hair material is 100% remy human hair at its natural color state. Therefore, free to dye and bleach. Get your dreaming color instantly. :)
  • Return policy: You could request an exchange or return for any reason within 30 days after you get the hair extensions. We are always here for you. Your satisfaction is the most important to us.
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Afro Curly Afro Kinky Coily Kinky Curly Kinky Straight Yaki Straight
Virgin Remy Hair
Hair Length 12’‘-22’‘ 12’‘-20’‘ 12’‘-22’‘ 12’‘-20’‘ 12’‘-20’‘
Hair Weight 100gram 100gram 100gram 100gram 100gram
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Warm tips:

  • 1.In order to make the hair last longer, please take it off before going to bed.
  • 2.You could use a tail comb to tease your hair root before installing in case the extensions falling out, but do not comb your hair extensions when they are wet. Comb it from bottom to top gradually to avoid shedding.
  • 3.Use heat protector before you style your hair extensions.
  • 4.Wash your hair with warm water. Shampoo with conditioner will make your hair more supple.
  • 5.Let it naturally dry after washing. If you have to blow out, set the blow dryer to warm mode with attachment.

Sixstarhair Afro Kinky Coily Curly Clip In Hair Extensions 20inc

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