$30 Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Beach Ball Octopus Water Spray with Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play,Water,/photomicroscopic1300374.html,arrobadeportes.com,Ball,Sprinkler,Octopus,with,$30,Spray,Inflatable,Beach,Splash $30 Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Beach Ball Octopus Water Spray with Toys Games Sports Outdoor Play Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Beach Ball Octopus Spray with Ultra-Cheap Deals Water Toys Games , Sports Outdoor Play,Water,/photomicroscopic1300374.html,arrobadeportes.com,Ball,Sprinkler,Octopus,with,$30,Spray,Inflatable,Beach,Splash Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Beach Ball Octopus Spray with Ultra-Cheap Deals Water

Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Beach 2021 new Ball Octopus Spray with Ultra-Cheap Deals Water

Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Beach Ball Octopus Water Spray with


Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Beach Ball Octopus Water Spray with

Product description



Material: PVC
Filling material: air


- How to use: blow air into the octopus and connect it to octopus. When the water is enough, the ball will spout water.
- The green PVC will not harm children's health.
- It can be utilized for swimming pool, beach or on the grass.
- Let your child enjoy a happy summer.


  Octopus size:
     Height: 66cm / 25.998in
     Width: 102cm / 40.16in
     Height of tentacle: 40cm / 15.75in
Weight: about 700g

Product list: 

1*Octopus water spraying ball

Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Beach Ball Octopus Water Spray with

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Prosecutors to seek testimony of former Nevada AG in trial of Giuliani associate

Adam Laxalt is also the frontrunner for the GOP nomination in a crucial 2022 Senate race.